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Buy Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffle a.k.a Double Visions are amazing magic truffles. They come in an extra large pack of 25 grams fresh and very powerful truffles. Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffle stands for a guaranteed trip of fantastic visions, almost like LSD. The extra large portions are recommended for one person but only if you are an experienced user. When you are a beginner we recommend to take only a half portion of Abraxas Gigas truffle or choose for another truffle like Psilocybe Hollandia.

What are Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffles?

Magic mushrooms are forbidden in Holland so they are not for sale on the internet anymore. Magic Truffles are genetically for 99,9% the same as Magic mushrooms but not mushrooms by law so we can still offer Magic Truffles. When we use the spores of the mushroom on a different way something magic will happen. We don’t let the mushrooms grow above the ground but we let them grow underground. The result is a mushroom but with the shape of a truffle. The magic mushroom contains a lot of psilocybe which produce a powerful hallucinating trip after consuming. The Magic Truffle has exactly the same effects as the Magic Mushroom.

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  1. Mary Jane

    Truffes arrived fresh and 100% discreet.

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