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Buy Brazilian Magic Mushrooms (aka Agaricus Blazei Murill) is very popular and regarded as a health item in Brazil, China, and Japan. It’s also famous across Canada due to its psychedelic and euphoric effects induced by psilocybin. Due to these effects, it enhances moods, erasing the negative thoughts. As a result, psilocybe cubensis brazil shrooms will give you positive thinking, making you very social, friendly, and happy. This makes Brazlian cubensis shrooms some of the most sought after mushrooms in Canada.

It is also known as Almond mushroom, Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM), Ba xi mó gu (traditional Chinese medicine), Agaricus Brasiliensis, Cogumelo do sol (Brazil), and Himematsutake (Japan). With amino acids, proteins, sterols, dipeptides and vitamins, it enhances and restores many physiological functions. Brazilian shrooms are also rich in beta-glucan complexes, bio-active complex polysaccharides, and trace elements.

Agaricus Blazei Murill was introduced in Japan in the 1960s and has become part of the Japanese cuisine and culture. Psilocybe cubensis brazil shrooms have anti-carcinogenic, anti- mutagenic, and anti-tumor properties, which are so beneficial to cancer patients.

Similarly, the former U.S president Ronald Regan made Brazilian Magic Shroom famous after consuming it to cure skin cancer. Other medicinal benefits include its ability to improve damaged liver functions, prevent type 2 diabetes, and boost the immune system.

Agaricus Blazei Murill Magic Mushroom Description

Brazilian Magic Shrooms possesses mild and earthy notes when smoked. It has unique savouriness. In appearance, Brazilian shrooms have a long and fleshy yellow stem with a small brown cap. Psilocybe cubensis brazil mushrooms have large fruit bodies that connect the lid to the branch.

Buy Brazilian Magic Shrooms Effects 

When taken in small doses, Agaricus Blazei Murill induces uplifting and euphoric sensations. It will elevate your moods, making you friendlier and joyous. Due to these effects, consuming it when you are about to go for a social event or gathering will be perfect. It’s advisable only to take 2-3 grams, especially if you are a novice user.

However, if you would like to experience the spiritual and religious high, 4-5 grams will be enough for you. As a result, you will experience massive psychedelic effects, whereby you will feel closer to God. Besides, you will start communicating with the spirit world and gain worldly knowledge.  Agaricus Blazei Murill can be steeped in tea or chew and swallow.

Agaricus Blazei Murill Shroom Growth Information

Relatively robust, Brazilian cubensis Magic Shroom grows fast and is high yielding. Originally from Piedade in Southern Brazil, it thrives well in hot and humid temperatures. For the mushroom to nourish, it will require water containing trace elements and nutrients. Besides, both fruiting bodies and mycelium of Agaricus Blazei Murill Shroom should be extracted to deliver the optimal balance nutrients that boost health and vitality.

Brazilian Magic Mushroom Medical Uses

Brazilian Magic Mushrooms has numerous medicinal values. For example, for AIDS patients, it strengthens the immune system by stopping further multiplication of the virus. Also, it’s highly beneficial to cancer patients as it will fight the development of cancerous cells. Besides, it will treat the devastating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Examples of these effects are nausea, loss of appetite, and muscle pains.

Similarly, brazilian shrooms helps reduce liver damage in Hepatitis B patients. The liver in most cases is damaged by the hepatitis B virus. Brazilian Shroom reduces fatigue, improving ulcerative colitis symptoms. Last but not least, it strengthens bone, hardens arteries, and prevents heart diseases.

Brazilian Magic Cubensis Shrooms Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Brazilian Magic Mushroom are hitching, diarrhea, nausea, and stomach upsets. Brazilian mushrooms may also cause low blood and sugar levels for diabetic patients; a condition called hypoglycemic. For cancer patients, Brazilian mushrooms may cause liver damage and allergic reactions. Dilated pupils, lack of coordination, increased heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure are also other side effects of this strain.


With numerous medicinal values, Brazilian Cubensis Magic Mushroom is very popular in China, Japan, Brazil, and Canada. It is an antioxidant, which will fight inflammation. It will also boost your immune system, giving your body the energy it requires to fight diseases.

For cancer patients, it will fight cancerous cells from developing hence treating cancer. Similarly, it will treat the devastating side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Examples of these effects are loss of appetite, muscle pains, and nausea.

Similarly, it will help reduce liver damage in Hepatitis B patients, damaged by the hepatitis B virus. Agaricus Blazei Murill Shrooms also improves ulcerative colitis symptoms and reduces fatigue. Brazillian Cubensis Magic Mushroom strengthen bones, prevents heart diseases, and hardens arteries.

With the euphoric and uplifting effects, it will enhance your moods, making you happy. As a result, you will treat moods and related mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. However, Brazilian mushrooms should not be mixed with weed or other drugs. You should also make sure you are in the company of a sober person as you consume it. Take lots of fluids to avoid dehydration.


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