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One of the strongest CBD tinctures on the market to day is from CBD You. They have just come out with their CBD You 2000mg tincture that is aimed at healing and recovery for athletes. CBD You is a company based out of Vancouver and have been producing high quality CBD for sometime now.

CBD You is a very potent CBD tincture that was designed and formulated for high performance athletes. This CBD was formulated so that athletes are able to heal and recover faster. People from hockey players to martial artist to regular people are now able to recover and heal faster from either injuries or other ailments they might have.

CBD You is not just for athletes as many people who are looking for high quality CBD are able to use CBD You for its calming energy, anti inflammatory benefits, muscle healing power and pain relief.

CBD You is a CBD Isolate made with pure CBD and mixed with pure coconut oil. CBD You is non-toxic, safe for daily use, and has become widely known for its many anti-inflammatory, healing properties. Since this CBD is an isolate it contains no THC so you get all the health benefits without getting high.

CBD has become especially popular among high performance athletes such as MMA fighters, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters and even gym rats. The 2000mg in each bottle is one of the best and most powerful ways for people that want to heal faster.

CBD You’s Isolate is a natural alternative to pain medications and recovery supplements. CBD is extremely effective medicine that can assist you in a number of positive ways.

CBD You is great for muscle recovery, pain management, sleep aid, pre-workouts, post workouts and provides alertness and motivation.

Their CBD tinctures can be easily dropped under the tongue or mixed into meals, drinks or dressings. You don’t have to be an athlete to buy CBD but this formulation will make you feel like one.


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  1. Nancy

    Probably the best CBD i ever had. Clean and does the trip. NO more pain and I can sleep at night

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