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Buy Cherry OG Strain is truly an original ganja blend. A cherry flavored hybrid with a diesel aroma that can take you back in time to feel like an OG hanging out in a hazy cloud of smoke.

Fans of the strain say it gives you a uniquely balanced body and mind high with an enjoyable cherry flavor that isn’t too overpowering. It achieves this dank result by being a 50/50 hybrid of Sativa and Indica strains.

Sativa is known for its euphoric, cerebral high that has you focused and coming up with your best ideas while Indica brings with it a body high that relieves pain and can induce some serious couch lock. Mix the two together and you get a mind blowing combo at first puff.

True to its name the first thing people notice about this unique bud is that it is smaller and darker than most and has a visibly reddish tone. It’s quite reminiscent of, well, what else? Cherries!  The Cherry OG strain is the child of Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG. Let’s explore more about this uniquely balanced bud and see what it has to offer.

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As mentioned the Cherry OG strain was bred as a combination of Cherry Thai and Lost Coast OG, originally produced by Emerald Triangle. First, the Cherry Sativa Thai was crossed with an Afghan Indica so that its density and yield would increase given the low yield of the Cherry Thai. The offspring was then introduced to Lost Coast OG. Lost Coast OG is a well known Emerald Triangle strain that is 60/40 indica dominant.

It’s not the first time that Emerald Triangle has used the Lost Coast OG strain, in fact, it was used to produce a very popular strain called Lemon Diesel. Seems like Emerald Triangle is  really into creating fun, fruity, and sour flavors. Ganja candy!  Lost Coast OG is potent, sour, and produces huge yields. The sour taste and diesel aroma complement the cherry from the Thai.

The end result is a 50/50 blend and a 50/50 mind and body high. You start with the heady high of sativa and end with a deep body relaxation that is a signature effect of indica. Curious about the different effects of sativa and indica? Find out more on how to tell the difference between sativa and indica.

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