Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles
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Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles

Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffle, A very strong truffle! also known as ¨psilocybe pajateros¨ or ¨giants¨ It is a kind of strong Psylocybe Tampanensis that origin from Guatemala. Hear the birds sing in my head while feeling strong as a dragon, must the Indians have thought during a psychedelic trip from dynamite magic truffles.

Effect of Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles

Dragon Dynamite truffles give you a heavy rush, happy and intense visual trip. In about 45 minutes the first effects should appear. In 2-3 hours the trip is at his best part. After the first effects started, the effects hold for a total of about 4-6 hours (depending on the dosage and sensitivity of the user) and will decrease after that.


The effect of the truffles depends on the person. The truffles can simply be eaten, they taste not as bad as other magic mushrooms.

* Wash the Dragon Dynamite truffles in cold water before consumption
* Our recommendation is to start with a half dose and chew well, wait for 45 minutes to see how it will work out.
* Use the truffles on an empty stomach (do not eat for at least 2-3 hours before) in a quiet setting and with a relax state of mind, for the best results.
* Eat the Dragon Dynamite truffles , so that the active substance will be absorbed in your body through your mouth. Chewing it well and slowly, improves the effect and saves your stomach.

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2 reviews for Dragon Dynamite Magic Truffles

  1. Jerry

    Great service and great truffles. Only my second time taking them. Took the whole dose and it was worth it. It lasted around 5 hours. It felt like the world gave me the best hug ever. Thank you so much ?

  2. Scott

    The customer service were very helpful and replied very quickly. The trip was also very enjoyable and a overall positive experience

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