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Kush for sale or 420 is a term that has been associated with smoking marijuana for ages. From people lighting up a joint at 4:20 pm (or even am) to customzing their number plates and even phone numbers, marijuana afficionados are quite serious when they talk about the magical number. But what is the actual origin of this term and why is it associated with marijuana? Why is April 20 considered a holiday for cannabis culture? While some came up with this theory that 420 code among policemen to indicate that marijuana smoking is in progress, there are a certain section of people who even think it’s because April 20 is also the day Adolf Hitler was born. (If that does not make sense to you, it’s okay, it didn’t make much sense to us either.) If Hitler’s birthday theory wasn’t bizarre enough, here’s another story that’s out there: Ever heard, Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35? You know what’s 12 times 35? (Yeah, it might be a surprise but the answer is 420)

The community that surrounds pot and pot usage is vast and with every new member, there’s a new theory about the traditions that come with the plant. Though there is only a verbal history — of which several versions exist — when it comes to the origins of 420, on this holy day for pot lovers world over, we’re doing a deep(ish) dive into what is 420 day and why it is celebrated.

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Before anyone falls into the deep dark abyss of conspiracy theories and fake stories, let us just clear all your doubts before you buy 420 online. According to Time, the most credible history related 420 for sale can be traced all the way back to 1971. In Marin County, a small region in northern California, five students of the San Rafael High School would meet diligently at 4.20 pm by the statue of renowned chemist Louis Pasteur inside the campus. Why were they meeting? To share a blunt (A cigar which is filled with cannabis).

According to the same report, these boys would meet at this particular time because it was usually when their extracurricular activities would end. The group which consisted of Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz and Mark Gravich slowly came to be known as ‘the Waldos’ just because they used to meet at a wall. And over time, they would buy 420 online for each other to smoke some pot.

Of course, 4:20 pm wasn’t the only time that these boys smoked pot, their cannabis sessions went on beyond 4:20 pm. Eventually the boys did what most pot-smoking groups would do, find interesting things to do under the influence (just because it’s better when you’re high). Years passed by as they led their own lives. Reddix’s brother got him to work with American rock band Grateful Dead’s bassist Phil Lesh as a roadie. This is where the term 420 and weed for sale got popular.

It was late 1990 when a group of Deadheads (followers of Grateful Dead) handed out flyers inviting people to ‘420’ on April 20 at 4:20 pm. One of the flyers went to Steve Bloom, who was then a reporter at High Times — a popular cannabis culture magazine. The magazine printed the flyer in the days leading up to April 20, 1991 and used the reference in multiple places. Soon, the word became popular across the world and it was only time before it became the code for marijuana. The same magazine in 1998, credited the ‘Waldos’ as the inventors of 420.

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While  Kush for sale is very common, a lot of people still have doubts about the history behind the number 420 and its connection to cannabis culture, people celebrates Kush for sale on April 20 in different ways. While some take an unofficial holiday to relax and smoke weed, other use this day as a moment to rally for legalization or now to celebrate legalization as most of the states in America have legalized marijuana.

There are certain companies which use this day to organise marijuana-related events and sponsor 420 gatherings around the globe. These companies invest in an event that happens on 4/20 just like how events are sponsored for St. Patrick’s Day — a popular American holiday.

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