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If you are looking for a perfect THC cannabis edible then look no further.

Wherever your happy place is, Mango Jelly Bombs will take you there.

Twisted Extracts is one of the most famous cannabis edibles makers in the world. They are known for their Jelly Bomb marijuana edible line which is a cannabis edible that is meant to give you the perfect high to relief stress, pain and inflammation. This Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extract marijuana edible also helps people with a lack of appetite and for those that have trouble sleeping. If you are an anxious person that has problems with social situations Mango Jelly Bombs also helps you relax and more comfortable in social interactions.

Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts are made with sativa cannabis concentrate and each package includes 80 mg of sativa THC. The effects of this THC edible are 70% mental and 30% physical and the most common feelings people most frequently feel are euphoria combined with an energetic and uplifting experience. In many cases, many people that take Mango Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts feel their creativity enhanced. This is a perfect cannabis edible to buy because of its ability to sparking creativity, unwinding from a long stressful day which will make you feel like a kid again.

Directions: This product is easily divided up into 8×10 mg doses. We recommend first time users start with a 5-10mg dose. allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before and dose is considered.

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